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Designed to demystify, Cloth & Paper's personalized Planner Consultations guide you through every step of the planning process.
If you've ever found yourself...

  • Staring at your planner rather than writing in it
  • Wondering how to choose a planner that suits your lifestyle
  • Feeling paralyzed by your planner's potential
  • Stopping before you start due to overwhelm
  • Overanalyzing and underutilizing your planner

Planner Consultations are the answer you've been looking for!

From purchase to layout to finding your flow, we are here to support you on your quest for productivity. Perfect for beginning planners who don't know where to start, and equally suitable for planners seeking clarity within their current system, our Planner Consultations combine practical insights with undeniable results.

We can't wait to help bring your plans to life. Click below to check consultant availability and schedule your personalized Planner Consultation.


We've established a team of planner consultants who will collaborate with you to develop your personal planning style. Well versed in all things Cloth & Paper, our consultants look forward to curating your dream planner!

Each consultation includes...

  • A 30 minute one-on-one video call with a C&P consultant to delve into your planner process, address pain points, and determine your ideal planner layout
  • A comprehensive questionnaire sent ahead of time to help you prepare for your consultation
  • Personalized advice tailored to your lifestyle and planning needs
  • A customized Planner Product Guide to shop your Cloth & Paper product recommendations

All consultation appointment times are listed in Eastern Time (ET). 

Meet Iesha!

Iesha has been a member of the planner community since late 2014. Over time, she has perfected her planning methods by identifying what works best for her to keep her organized and on task. As a Project Manager for a Fortune 100 company, she has strong skills in setting priorities and implementing methods to successfully achieve immediate results and accomplish long-term goals without compromising quality. On any given day, you can find her taking notes using some of her daily go-to items – Undated Daily Inserts and the Task Overview notepad.

She has found success with using her planner in both her professional and personal life. Using both a Half Letter and HP Mini discbound sized planner for both home and work combined seems to be her sweet spot to stay organized. Iesha is also well known in the planner community for finding unique ways to utilize C&P products for multiple uses. Some of her favorite Cloth & Paper items are Undated Daily Inserts, Horizontal Weekly Inserts, Transparent Circle Sticky Notes, Circle Page Flags, Message and Task Notepads, and Memo Notes.

Iesha set out with a section by section plan on how to break down my planner for each element of my busy lifestyle. I'm now back to using my planner daily. I think I was most blown away by the follow-up email that not only listed the product suggestions, but step-by-step instructions on exactly what goes where and why!
I'm beyond appreciative at how she listened to my ongoing issues with my planner,
then suggested products that HELPED.

THANK YOU Iesha and C&P for getting me back in my planner and organized again!

Crystal J.


Meet Bari!

Bari Lee has been an avid planner for 15 years and loves the interaction of the planner community. She has used many sizes over the years, but currently plans with Pocket Rings, HP Mini, and MANY Half Letter planners and notebooks. Her style has evolved to minimal and mostly monochrome.

Bari is a semi retired executive who provided marketing and client development services for large design and construction companies. She was one of the founders and owners of a successful commercial architecture firm. Her background also includes teaching and school administration. She currently owns a web design and marketing consulting firm.  

Her favorite Cloth & Paper products are dot grid, task planner, and inbox inserts, glass dividers, and of course, the notepads. Bari is currently most excited about her Finance Planner and some special interest planners and notebooks she has created with C&P inserts and glass covers. You probably know her as PlannerShops on Instagram, and she shares planner hacks and suggestions in videos on the PlannerShop channel on Youtube.

My consultation with Bari was PHENOMENAL!!! I was sooo uncertain about how to best set up, organize, and use my planner; especially on a daily basis, but Bari had the answers, system, patience, and best professional attitude to help me! It was evident she took this seriously! She obviously reviewed my questionnaire and was prepared with the PERFECT SUGGESTIONS and PRODUCTS! The products she recommended are working beautifully - the planner product worksheet is a blessing! One thing that was sooo special is that she took real time to consider my work style, color preferences, and future projects.

My planner has such structure now. I'm totally excited about planning.
I've set up my planner and am using it every day!

Shawn D.

Meet Pascha!

Pascha Shepard; where do we start? Activist. Mom. Virgo. Legal Specialist. Planner. Pascha has been planning since middle school, and became part of the online planner community in 2014. She is passionate about purposeful planning. As a legal specialist, Pascha manages court dates, filing and drafting deadlines, and frequent reminders. Forgetting is not an option at work; the firm relies on her for accuracy. As a Virgo, this works perfectly - she’s an organized over-thinker who thrives on an orderly schedule and relies on handwritten plans to keep her on track. As a single mom to three, she navigates four different schedules and their personal needs on a daily basis.

Keeping up with so much has resulted in Pascha becoming less decorative and more intentional with her planning. Pascha plans it all in her pocket rings planner. Over the past two years, Pascha has found a love for listing and tracking, which helps her accomplish more tasks while increasing her productivity. Some of her favorite Cloth & Paper items include the Lao Tzu Undated Hourly Inserts, the Engineering Grid Desk Pad, and the Memo Inserts Sampler Pack.

I very much appreciated my consultation with Pascha and she most certainly directed me on the right path to start my planner journey. She was professional, approachable, enjoyable, and ultimately so helpful to me. I felt that she listened to what I was looking for and needed to have to make my planner an effective organizational tool.

I followed her recommendations and I am so glad I did. Everything she recommended has a purpose.
I am ever so grateful to Pascha!

Arlene B.


The Essentials

  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Price: $75 (no tax)
  • All consultation appointment times are listed in Eastern Standard Time (EST).
  • Consultation is for one customer only.
  • Consultations are designed to help with one planner system at a time.
  • Coupons and discount codes cannot be applied to consultations.
  • Consultations are non-refundable and non-transferrable.
  • Recommended Cloth & Paper physical products are not included with the price of the consultation.

What's included?

  • 30-minute one-on-one Zoom consultation with a qualified C&P planner consultant
  • Personalized product guide featuring your C&P product recommendations

What if I miss my consultation or need to reschedule?

If you miss your scheduled consultation time, please contact us at [email protected] to reschedule. We will do our best to accommodate requests, but please note that availability is limited.

What if I experience technical difficulties during my consultation?

Please contact us at [email protected] to report any technical difficulties.

When should I complete the questionnaire?

The questionnaire is designed to give your consultant a better idea of your planner needs so that your one-on-one time can be used most effectively. Please complete the questionnaire as soon as possible following your checkout. If you have not received confirmation that we’ve received your questionnaire 24 hours before your consultation, please reach out to [email protected].

When will I receive my personalized Planner Product Guide?

Following your consultation, you can expect to receive your customized Planner Product Guide via email within 5 business days. If you have not received it after 5 business days, please reach out to [email protected].

What is the cancellation policy?

Consultations are non-refundable. We’re happy to reschedule your consultation for a time that works better for you! Please reach out to [email protected] at least five business days before your consultation to reschedule. We will do our best to accommodate requests, but please note that availability is limited.