The April 2022 Planning + Stationery Unboxing Blog includes:
Serenity Dashboard | Fitting for April, this elegant dashboard design highlights the beauty of Spring colors.
4CP ink on “bare white” smooth paper stock.
Courage Dashboard | Layer over the Serenity Dashboard for a touch of artistic beauty matched with powerful prose.
Black ink on vellum. Transparent.
Gratitude Log Inserts | Featuring one line for each day of the month, these inserts inspire us to note and remember the good moments. These are double-sided with Notes space on the back of each log.
32 pages.
Weekly Check-In Inserts | Set yourself up for success by checking in with yourself at the beginning and end of every week.
32 pages.
Reporter Notebook | Take all of your notes, lists, and other tasks with you on the go with this convenient minimalist notebook.
Lined. Spiral rings. 80 pages.
Shape Sticky Notes | Palette Vol 1E. | Complementing this month’s color theme, the Crêpe + Early Grey square and drop sticky notes will add an elegant and dignified aesthetic to your notes.
2 inches. 25 sheets each.
Composition Sticker Set | Featuring the beautifully mellow colors Earl Grey, Crêpe + Angora, our brand new composition sticker set is sure to be a perfect addition to your planner and gratitude set.
Set of 3. Matte. Each sheet features a unique size.
Daily Affirmations Sticky Notes | Leave these sticky notes in a frequented space to give yourself refreshing reminders in the equally refreshing color Angora.
3 x 3 inches. 50 sheets. Matte.
Mini Gratitude Notecards | Let anyone and everyone in your life know how grateful you are for them with these petite gratitude notecards! Guaranteed to make both your day and theirs.
3.9 x 2.6 inches. 25 cards + envelopes. Prepackaged.
Necessities Functional Card
3 x 4 in. “Antique gray” smooth cardstock
Cultivate Functional Card
3 x 4 in. “Solar white” smooth cardstock
Abundance Quote Card
3 x 4 in. “Bare white” textured cardstock
June 2022 Clear Calendar Card 2 x 3.5 in
Subscribers who selected "I don't own a ring or discbound planner" as their size option will receive our Weekly Check-In A5 Notebook in place of the Weekly Check-In Inserts. 32 pages.
Subscribers who selected "I don't own a ring or discbound planner" as their size option will receive our Gratitude Log Notebook in place of the Gratitude Log Inserts. 32 pages.

April 2022 Planning + Stationery Unboxing Overview
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April 25, 2022

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