“The love of learning, the sequestered nooks, / And all the sweet serenity of books”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The aesthetic of academia is appealing, and a secret to capturing it is by surrounding yourself with the academic life you seek! If you’re considering starting a planner or academic-centered workspace as a student, we have five exciting tips for furthering your love of learning and maintaining the aesthetic around it.


If you’re a student looking to start planning, you’re likely already overwhelmed with documents and task lists. We’ve made it easy for students to pick up our Student Bundle and begin planning their academic life immediately! (We recommend A5 size for plenty of writing room, or Personal for mobility).

(In this bundle, you’ll receive our Clear Vinyl Planner, Academic Planner Insert Bundle, The Capacity To Do Planner Dashboard, Kanban Planner Dashboard, Cornell Style Note Inserts, and Blank Tab Sticky Note Set | Fawn.)

Each item was carefully selected to serve you in your journey as a student. The Academic Planner Insert Bundle includes pages for your class schedule, course overviews, due dates, monthly and weekly overviews, grade tracking, password tracking, and contacts.

The Kanban Dashboard is a functional organizational item; you can section off your planner and use the dashboard to organize your tasks. Cornell Style Note Inserts are perfect for note-taking across various subjects. Finally, use the Blank Tab Sticky Notes to jot quick notes or write your daily task list and reminders – don’t forget that you can use these with your dashboard!



Dedicated planners aren’t for everyone. Sometimes, a notebook does the job perfectly! If this sounds like your planning/study style as a student, we have you covered. The Espana Spiral Notebook | A5 (Executive Interior) is high-quality, with ample writing space, and an executive design.

The executive layout is phenomenal for daily notebook planning - you have the option of keeping it organized by date, or you can simply use the grid space, or organize by subject! A similar option is the Executive Notes Notebook | Graph Paper | A5, which includes more flexible material. 

Examples for use: write your daily assignment list, your schedule for the day, any lecture notes, and learning points you'd like to study further - this design is limitless!

Alternatively, a sticky note set like the Memo Sticky Notes can be utilized daily and then kept within your bag, on your laptop/ipad, or any other accessible space that allows you to keep track of your academic ventures.

If you’re feeling unsure about using a full notebook, start with a Pocket Plus notebook like the Undated Horizontal Weekly or Everyday Carry. These are small enough to fit in any bag, and provide enough room to plan your academic tasks. 


Part of making planning work for you as a student is making your workspace work for you! If you’re still unsure about dedicated planners, try adding your student planning to your workspace. This way, you don’t necessarily need to keep track of any supplies – they’re already worked into your routine! A great example is the Monthly Admin Desk Pad. Keep it pinned above or on your desk or even double its use as a mousepad! Either way, your academic plans will be available at-a-glance.

Also try to incorporate accessories that aren’t exactly for pen-to-paper planning, but can serve as motivation. An example is the Acrylic Desk Stand, which can show off your favorite journaling cards, calendar cards, or even the dark, expressive Botanica Card Deck. Speaking of Journaling Cards, have you tried clipping them to an inspo board, with other photos and string lights, or even in the front of your journal? Keep all of your incoming documents secure with a luxe Paperweight, and organize them with our Arched Folder. With just a few of these changes, your desk space will be transformed to assist in organizing and elevating your student journey!



Personally, I get motivation for beginning projects by envisioning the aesthetic I seek. When it comes to student life, “academia” is a social media trend that inspires me to fully fall into student life. Motivation to plan may come by first setting the tone with trendy, exciting items that make you want to use them! Check New Arrivals, Planning YouTube Videos, and Planning Blogs for inspiration. Try different ideas!

Curating an academic planning aesthetic can be as simple as opting for more high-end, luxurious supplies. Study session coming up? Grab our Tabbed Index Cards. Need to keep all of your writing supplies together? Our Nylon Pencil Pouch was made for you. Looking for a carry-all for your student supplies? Opt for the C&P Tote

Other options for refreshing your academic supplies include compact, chic scissors like the Kokuyo Saxa Poche, elegant Artisan Paper Tape, and an item like the Kokuyo Gloo Roller Tape to amend writing mistakes.



Believe it or not, while planning can be very personal, a fun aspect the community enjoys is how social it can be! For your study sessions, study group meetings, and library outings, try to plan with a friend. If you have trouble finding study buddies, take a look at the How to Start Your Own Planner Club Blog Post, get involved with events that line up with your academic interests, or even search for online groups! 

Not only does including others with your planning provide positive social interactions, opening the way for more opportunities and friendships, but it also serves as a light accountability check - it's more difficult to shirk academic duties when a reliable friend supports you!

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September 22, 2023


Melanie Gallo said:

The ideas are great and I wish I had all of these things when I was in school! These people are trying to make me go back and get another degree! Buying C&P is way cheaper than student loans so I’ll just keep shopping.😁

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