As we draw closer to the Fall semester, many of us are looking for ways to better implement organized planning in our school routine. Our Cloth & Paper team has curated a bundle of back to school planning essentials that will make your semester a smooth and productive one.

Cornell Style Note Inserts | 2nd Edition

Our Cornell Style Note Inserts are a must-have for note-taking and studying, as the Cornell Notes Method is a helpful technique to excel in your courses. In the “Notes'' column, take generalized notes during lectures, textbook reading, and studying. Then, in the left-hand “Subject” section, write down potential questions that may be asked during an exam or keywords about each item. Use the summary area to summarize your notes in your own words. This way, during tests or exams, you will better recall the notes relating to these potential exam questions.

Reading Log Inserts

Keep track of your reading progress along with key notes with our Reading Log Inserts. Record reading progress for materials necessary for each class, and include review questions or summaries with the “Review” portion. If reviewing for an academic read, it may be helpful to break down the log sections per textbook chapter and include notes to questions such as:

  1. What are the main takeaways for this chapter?
  2. How might I best summarize the most important aspects of this chapter?
  3. Were there any points that I did not understand?

For personal or fictional reading, the review notes will likely look a bit different, such as:

  1. What did I enjoy from this reading, and why?
  2. What do I think the author wanted me to take away from this book and its themes or messages?
  3. What questions do I have regarding this reading?

Writing Utensils | Erasable Gel Pen | Faceted Mechanical Pencil | Uni Pin Marking Pen 01

Make use of our writing utensils ideal for back to school planning. Use our Faceted Mechanical Pencil for all purposes -- notetaking, task-planning, sketching, and journaling. Our Erasable Gel Pen is great for tentative planning, such as creating layouts, spreads, and drafting. The eraser nib does not cause smearing, making it a great candidate for important assignments. For a multi-functional permanent option, our Uni Pin Marking Pen is the way to go! Write on dividers, transparent items, washi tape, and even fabric.

Sticky Notes | Goal Sticky Notes | Blank Tab Sticky Note Sets

Keep up with your daily academic goals on-the-go with our Goal Sticky Notes. Mark your coursework for the day, or any upcoming projects. In the notes section, include an inspirational quote, any notes that you might need to transfer to your planner, or additional tasks for the day. The dated header and goal bubbles allow you to keep your daily goals organized. Our versatile Blank Tab Sticky Note Sets are a must-have while planning back to school! Use these to add additional notes to your studying, take notes while reading, and list tasks. If you need to quickly reference your sticky note within your planner, it can quickly be accessed by the “tab” of the sticky note, or even used as a divider tab.

Take on the school year this Fall equipped with essentials for productivity and organization in your academic journey! Need to make space for your academic planning essentials? Store your important academic items in our new Leather Vanity Cases.

For more tips on implementing back to school planning into your routine, schedule a Planner Consultation with one of our experts today!

August 12, 2021
Tags: How To

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