If you’re like me, you probably love collecting new planners and notebooks during all times of the year—including dated ones. We at Cloth & Paper love reimagining all the different ways that planners can be used without ever going to waste, so we’ve curated tips on repurposing your unused 2021 planners as we draw closer to the new year!

Cloth & Paper is excited to announce that we have NEW discounts on our fan favorite 2021 Spiral Bound Planner along with our entire 2021 Insert Collection as we approach the end of this year. Read more for tips on how to repurpose these designs in your planning!

For Students + Project Planning

If you started school mid-year but don’t want to wait until the next year to start your academic planning—dated 2021 planners and inserts are perfectly ideal! Use the second half of the dated calendars to plan your academic year, and the expired calendars for project planning or note-taking. The Tape shape in our Minimal Shape Sticker Sets is our favorite for covering dates and creating headers for pages. Subtle colors Ash and Fawn will elevate your planning while keeping pages neat. If you are project planning and using daily or weekly pages, record the steps to your project in each weekly or daily box, or use the spaces to record your progress to later evaluate and reflect on.

For Students & Project Planning

For Journaling + Scrapbooking

Create a memory keeper or personalized journal using our lined 2021 Spiral Bound Planner or Vertical Weekly Inserts. The boxed design and lined pages are excellent for journal entries and photo keeping. For a simple alteration, cover the dates with the Minimal Shape Stickers in the shape Tape and then date your written entries or label each memory. The convenient aspect to these pages is that memory keeping can be a creative project with sprawling spreads or a mini daily series logging your favorite parts of the day — it’s up to you! To add a pop of color and decorate pages to your journaling and scrapbooking, use our Minimal Shape Sticker Set | Mauve. Another tip to covering dates while still utilizing your planner is by gluing or taping scrapbooking paper or photos to create a moodboard or start a scrapbooking series!

For Journaling & Scrapbooking

For Sketching + Drafting

For those that love to add an artistic touch to their planning, try drafting planning designs and layouts with your unused planner pages. I love to test new ideas or planning approaches with my old dated planning pages! For those that sketch tentative layout ideas, the Faceted Mechanical Pencil is superb. Mix and match exciting designs with Brush Pens in colors like Dusty Rose or Light Apricot. These Tombow Pens offer freedom and variety in brush size, so you can experiment between fine lines or thick brush strokes in your art. Depending on your preferred color palette, add colorful Uni One Gel Pens in bright colors like Sky Blue and Green, or neutral colors like the Click Me Gel Pens in Birch Tea and Mulberry. Repurposing an unused dated planner or inserts provides the opportunity to experiment with color schemes you may not typically use, so don’t be afraid to branch out!

For Sketching & Drafting

Need more tips on incorporating unused planners and inserts in your planning routine? Schedule a Planner Consultation with one of our experts today!

September 22, 2021
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