Coined by David Allen, the Getting Things Done Method is a productivity system meant to provide clarity and ease in your time management. We’ll take a look at what exactly this method includes, and how you can incorporate it into your planning to reach your most productive self!

What is the Getting Things Done Method?

Every day, we have a lot of different tasks to remember: appointments and meetings, messages to address, daily chores, work memos, etc. Trying to remember and execute each task in a productive manner can overwhelm our brain. This is where the Getting Things Done Method comes in. It’s useful to begin writing down every task - big and small - that comes across your day-to-day. This will offload your brain to alleviate stress so that you can be your best you. Here are the five steps to the method:


Collect every task or note in one place.


Establish how you will proceed with each item. Define if it’s actionable, something to put on hold, or something that can be discarded.


Now, organize each item that’s been observed.


Reestablish your control by reflecting again on your items once they’ve been organized.


Advance in your task list using your established system.

Once you’ve set up your own Getting Things Done system, all that’s left is to use it. The Engage step is important for following through with your action list, while the Reflect step allows for you to regularly check in with yourself and your methods to reevaluate where needed.

Image of Inbox Inserts and Sticky Notes

How Can You Include it in Your Planning?

Luckily, Cloth & Paper already has items perfect for starting the Getting Things Done Method! The Inbox system is very closely related to this method, and can be easily added for elevated productivity. Take a look at the blog HOW TO USE CLOTH & PAPER'S INBOX COLLECTION for an in-depth look and extra tips for best using the Inbox collection.

Inbox Inserts to Capture

Utilize the INBOX PLANNER INSERTS | REFRESHED DESIGN to Capture all of your incoming inputs in one place. The inserts are designed to not only hold all of your thoughts, but also draft the Organize process.

Inbox Dividers to Organize

The INBOX/OUTBOX PLANNER TAB DIVIDERS are great for the Organize process in a multitude of ways. Incoming sticky notes may be added to the divider themselves, or you can organize all of your tasks based on actionability and insert them within Inbox vs. Outbox.

Task Delegation for Every Step of the Way

The TASK DELEGATION INSERTS are a phenomenal option for every step in the Getting Things Done Method. Capture every incoming item in one list, then once you Clarify, Organize them into their appropriate subsection, Reflect, then Engage based on where they’ve been delegated. It may also be helpful to use the Organize process as a 2-step: Organize your tasks into their subsection, then delegate to your calendar where needed.

We hope that with these tips and recommendations, the Getting Things Done Method will transform your planning journey!

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August 17, 2022

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