Channel your inner “CEO” with the May 2023 Planning + Stationery Box! This week’s blog includes tips and tricks for using your own sub box items.

Meeting Notes Spoiler

CEO Writing Collection

This collection of three pens were personally selected by our CEO as “must-haves”! The CEO Chic Liquid Fineliner provides a 0.4 fine tip with an auto-control ink system – providing no skipping and no leaking. The Lopet Smooth Classic Gel Pen is a 0.5 gel-ink pen with impressively smooth writing feel and inky finish. Finally, the CoInk Double Ended Highlighter offers a 1.0 mm pointed tip or 5 mm rounded tip, for various highlighting opportunities. 

Use the fineliner to create your planner layouts, create headers and subheaders, or section your notes. The gel pen is perfect for everyday planning, as it will not smudge or leak through pages. Create task bubbles, highlight important notes/dates, or bring attention to headers with your highlighter.


CEO Label Stickers

With labels like “To Do”, “In Progress”, and “Miscellaneous”, the CEO Label Stickers can aid you in your planning organization in a multitude of ways! Use them to label your CEO Folder Set, or items like dividers and page flags that are already within your planner. Alternatively, with stickers such as “Social Media” and “Home”, add the stickers to your daily calendar to quickly block off time. 

CEO Label Sticker

CEO Folder Set

Includes a trio of folders in frosted material, all with blank tabs waiting to be labeled! Keep these folders to organize your everyday papers, or use it to archive items such as “Finances”, “Investments”, etc. They are slim and minimalistic, ideal for storing your paper items anywhere!

CEO Folder Set

Meeting Notes Insert

These inserts include 17 sheets for meeting notes. They are outfitted with headers for your “Subject”, “Attendees”, “Agenda”, a square grid for “Notes”, and a blank section for “Follow Up” details. Note your meeting’s date and time at the top right corner. After filling in your subject and the meeting attendees, prepare by noting the meeting’s agenda. What topics absolutely need to be discussed at this meeting? In short, what is the purpose of the meeting subject? Then, grid-space allows for flexible note-taking to fit your style of planning. Finally, don’t forget to add follow-up details, or action-items to end off your meeting. Remember, the point of meeting notes is not to simply take notes, but to make the most of everyone’s valuable time, and take one more step to accomplishing your goals!

Meeting Notes Inserts How To
Meeting Notes Inserts Graphic


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May 20, 2023


Doni Foster said:

I loved this box! My favorites are the dashboards, mirror, folders with labels, and the pens/dot marker.

Jada Earl said:

Cloth and Paper consistently provides items for a subtle, sophisticated planning lifestyle.

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