Get the most out of your planner with our updated “refreshed” insert layouts! This week we’re taking an in-depth look at our planning items with improved layouts along with new and fresh tips on using them.

Dashboard featuring a glass and shadows

Undated Calendar Inserts

Undated Daily Planner Inserts | Refreshed Layout

Inspired by one of our professional planner consultants, Iesha, these daily inserts provide the extra space to list all of your priorities and tasks each day. These allow you to delve into your day-to-day planning with efficiency and set yourself up for productivity success! Inserts feature sections Schedule, Priorities, and Tasks.

Dated daily refreshed spread

Undated Horizontal Weekly Inserts | Refreshed Layout

Introducing my personal favorite weekly inserts! The versatility of the horizontal weekly inserts coupled with the refreshed layout allows for a fully customizable and productive planning experience. In addition to the weekly spread, sections Memo, Priorities, and Next Week provide additional space to make notes and prioritize your weekly tasks.

Horizontal refreshed spread with sample text

Project Planning + Organization

Gantt Chart Planner Inserts | Refreshed Layout

Keep track of your project scheduling with the Gantt Chart inserts – now refreshed! These allow you to manage your project step-by-step using time management. Paired with a highlighter or similar item to fill in the chart, use these inserts to stay on track to complete your projects. Read our Maximize Your Productivity with Cloth & Paper Project Inserts blog, for additional information on using the Gantt Chart inserts and other project management inserts.

GANTT Chart refreshed spread with sample text

SWOT Analysis Planner Inserts | Refreshed Layout

Another addition to the refreshed project management inserts, the SWOT Analysis inserts give the opportunity to examine your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats, and Analysis for your projects/tasks. Separated by four quadrants, you can chart all necessary pros and cons as you prepare for your project. The refreshed versions of the Gantt Chart and SWOT Analysis inserts may be used together to create a clean and clear groundwork for upcoming and ongoing projects within your planner.

SWOTT Analysis refreshed spread, blank

Monthly Side Tab Planner Dividers | Sans Style | Glass Plastic

White Foil | Black Foil | Gold Foil

An exciting extension to our monthly divider collection, the “refreshed” style Sans Style dividers boast a clean new sans serif text. Add minimalist simplicity and style to your planner with these redesigned tabs. These look especially luxe and chic when matched with the refreshed inserts.

Sans style monthly dividers


Capsule Wardrobe Inserts | Refreshed Layout

Establish and polish your wardrobe with the equally polished capsule wardrobe inserts in their refreshed layout. These inserts were created with the intention of pieces being conscious investments, and to encourage your wardrobe to become a symbolic extension of your chic, timeless self. These inserts include generous space for your Inspo and Main Colors, perfect for creating a mood board and inspirational palette. They also feature spaces for outlining your Investment Wishlist, Statement Pieces, Basics, and Accessories, along with ample room to catalog your entire Wardrobe Inventory.

Capsule Wardrobe refreshed spread with sample text being written

Contact List Planner Inserts | Refreshed Layout

A key component to any planner, a contact list is important for keeping track of your friend, family, and professional relationships. With just enough space to list essential details, it’ll serve as a convenient and clean reference.

Contact list refreshed layout, blank

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June 08, 2022


Thelma Brown said:

I am new to the C & P family and I am so excited. I love the quality of the paper, sleek formatting and reasonable prices. I actually ordered the wrong style, but then decided try something new. I look forward to purchasing more items.
Thank you

Marsha Lynn Blount said:

I would love to have glass plastic dividers for the contact sheets. Such as: A-C, D-F, G-K, L-N etc.

Michele said:

Oh, I just love these. I really want the analysis inserts. I’m new to cloth and paper, but I feel a life long friendship growing!

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