When it comes to starting a new planner, there are many exciting system options to choose from. The discbound planner system is one of our favorites! Our guide to starting your very own discbound planner system will set you up for planner success.

Discbound systems offer incredible versatility and provide easy access to organize and rearrange your planner. Removing and adding inserts and accessories is simple and seamless, due to the open punches. This planner system lays completely flat when open, allowing you to flip your planner back on itself for ease of writing.

To begin, determine your optimal planner size. Our Size Guide displays all discbound insert sizes that Cloth & Paper offers, along with size dimensions and a visual guide to compare the options. HP Mini 7-Disc Punch is a compact, portable option, while Half Letter 8-Disc Punch and HP Classic 9-Disc Punch provide ample writing room.

Planner Discs | 1.25 Inch | 1.5 Inch

To hold your discbound planner together, you’ll need planner discs. Use our 1.25 inch or 1.5 inch discs depending on how many sheets you would like to include within your planner. Our 1.25 inch discs best fit 150-200 sheets, and our 1.5 inch discs fit up to 250 sheets. Divider and dashboard thickness may affect the amount of sheets that your discs can hold. HP Mini planners require 7 discs, while Half Letter planners require 8, and HP Classic planners require 9.

Discbound Notebook Covers
Glass Plastic | Half Letter, HP Mini, HP Classic
Crystal Clear | Half Letter, HP Mini, HP Classic

Combine your discs with our Glass Plastic Covers and you’ve created a discbound planner that’s ready for inserts! Use our completely clear Glass Plastic Covers for unlimited customization, or opt for our chic and minimalist Simplicity and New Doors styles, featuring subtle white screen printed designs. These covers are sleek and transparent, and perfect for adding decorative dashboards underneath. Layer our Inbox Planner Dashboards® under your cover for a functional and beautiful focal point.

Inserts + Dividers

Calendar inserts typically serve as the backbone to your planning system. Whether you prefer Dated or Undated inserts, we’ve got you covered! After choosing between Dated or Undated, you can then select calendar inserts ranging between Monthly, Weekly, Sunday Start, and Monday Start options to customize your calendar layout. Want to dig deeper into your days? Add our Daily Planner Inserts in either Dated | 2 Days Per Page or Undated | Refreshed Layout as a perfect companion to your calendar.

Organize your inserts into sections with our planner dividers, available in a range of styles: try our Monthly, Blank, and CEO options to maximize your planner. Looking for a way to label your blank dividers? Create your own tab labels with our versatile Uni Pin Marking Pen and Transparent Page Flags.

No need to stop there! As you become more comfortable with your discbound planner and recognize your planning needs, embrace your creative side by adding other functional inserts to your lineup. Explore our Notes & Lists, Lifestyle & Self Care, and Project Management Collections to make the most of your discbound planner system! For insert-specific insight, read our Planning Blog posts where we dive into utilizing our various inserts to maximize your planning productivity and enjoyment.


Add convenient accessories to not only save time and energy in your planning, but also to enhance and add functionality to your planner. Our Crystal Clear Credit Card Holders for HP Mini and Half Letter are perfect for storing items and saving space in both your agenda and your workspace.

Need to mark your place, measure, and guide your lines? Our Glass Plastic Page Marker does all three! It’s my partner in creating bullet journal spreads, as I can easily measure and outline my spreads using its straight, crisp edges to guide my pen. For a full-page marker, add our practical Today Dry Erase Tab Divider | White Text | Black Text to serve as a divider, dashboard, and dry erase board.

Leather Agenda Covers*

Protect your planner and add luxe sophistication to your planning life with our Leather Agenda Covers. Our Leather Agenda Guide provides extensive details about the various styles and colors available from Cloth & Paper. For HP Mini size, opt for our "Small" Covers, and for Half Letter, choose your favorite from our selection of "Large" Covers and Folios.

*Restocking regularly! Add your email to the product listing to be notified when we restock your preferred agenda cover style.

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July 08, 2021


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A great insight into what you offer by way of the disc system, particularly as a HP user looking to get away from HP inserts. Saves me from trawling through the website.

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