How often do we make resolutions with fresh planners and brand new stationery for the New Year, only for our ideas and plans to get derailed a few weeks later? I know I fall into this cycle pretty much every year. Luckily, our Task Delegation Inserts provide a way to break this cycle!

Prioritizing with Task Delegation Inserts

Our Task Delegation Inserts create ease in maintaining productivity post-New Year’s. First, list your tasks for the day in the All Tasks section on the left-hand side. Then, prioritize your tasks using the Priority and Non-Priority sections on the right-hand side, designating a clear due date for each. While setting your due dates, we recommend keeping it realistic! Our Task Delegation demo sheets provide perfect examples of productivity management and realistic delegation. If you need inspiration for insert usage, I recommend taking a look at the tasks listed on the demo page and how they’re prioritized, along with their appropriate due date time-frames.

We recommend pairing these inserts with the Structured Dashboard to inspire productivity and planning clarity! Another useful and visual pleasing strategy to utilize the Task Delegation inserts is creating a color-coded priority vs. non-priority task system with our Transparent Dot Stickers. Use two differing sticker colors to indicate your Priority tasks and your Non-Priority tasks in the All Tasks column, serving as a clear indicator when transferring them to their respective sections on the right hand side. I find it useful to maintain the color-coding system after each item has been delegated, and introduce a third color for completed tasks. This way, my eye instantly falls onto the incomplete priority tasks!

Take Action on Your To-Do List

It’s easy to fall behind on your to-do list while tackling daily life -- I know I do. Try outlining your Task Delegation to-do list the day prior instead of the day-of. At the start of your day, focus on finishing the most urgent tasks first. This is the easiest way to avoid procrastination and promote structure in your planning life. If you aren’t able to cross everything off your list in one day, don’t fret! As you create your to-do list for the following day, migrate uncompleted tasks as needed.

Take Action for the Long Term

Not only are the Task Delegation Inserts perfect for day-to-day planning, we also recommend using them for long term planning. Perhaps you need to break down and delegate tasks for a home or work project. First, list every task or step needed to complete the project in the All Tasks column -- and stay specific, with concrete details. Indicate the most pressing tasks, or the tasks that serve as the foundation of your project, and transfer them to the Priority section, with the less urgent items listed in the Non-priority section. Once your priority column has been completed, transfer any incomplete non-urgent tasks to the next page, maintaining the priority system as you complete the project. Alternatively, list the steps needed to complete the project in chronological order. For example, if you’re renovating your home, there may be tasks that must be completed within the month -- these would be listed as priority tasks, while chores that may be completed over several months would be non-priority tasks. As you move through the month and complete the most urgent items, the non-priority tasks are gradually moved towards priority.

Whether your project is big or small, try to mix it up! If you have extra writing space towards the bottom of the All Tasks section, use it to jot down notes or updates to your project, or experiment with a color-coded sticker or highlighting system to streamline your delegation. Explore these techniques using our Task Delegation inserts to promote clarity and spur action in your planning life!

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April 14, 2021

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