Here in Richmond, days are getting longer, the weather’s getting warmer, and it’s almost time for Spring cleaning. Spring into tidy planning with Cloth & Paper this season with our new cleaning inserts, as featured in our March 2021 Planning + Stationery Box and now available on our online shop!

Cleaning Checklist

I personally enjoy using the Cleaning Checklist box card that was included in the March 2021 sub box as a base guide for listing my chores each week. Download your own copy of the Cloth & Paper Cleaning Checklist in your preferred size here!

Cleaning Inserts

Our Cleaning Inserts go beyond simply planning your daily chores -- they also include sections to list your favorite products, supply lists, and cleaning reminders! When it comes to establishing your cleaning routine, it's important to create a realistic (maybe even loose) schedule. Be mindful about over-scheduling yourself. For extra tips on insert usage, take a look at our demo sheets included with each set of inserts.

At the start of a quarter, I find it helpful to begin by dating my quarterly and monthly chores in the Chores + Cleaning portion of the Cleaning inserts. The inserts provide a fantastic opportunity to track cleaning habits. For example, while reflecting on what I recorded in a previous week, I noticed that I prefer to dedicate weekends to quarterly and monthly chores, rather than spreading them across the weekdays. Don’t be afraid to try different planning methods!

Once you’ve planned your quarterly and monthly chores, focus on one week’s worth of chores at a time. Start by listing your daily cleaning tasks, such as cleaning the dishes and tidying up living spaces. Then, delegate weekly chores to specific days, such as doing laundry on Mondays and cleaning appliances on Sundays. In the boxes to the right of the daily chore table, use our Transparent Shape Stickers | Dots to mark which daily chores have been completed.

Under weekly chores, I prefer to bubble in the circles next to completed tasks with a colorful pen or highlighter, like the Monami Essenti Soft Highlighter | Pastel Blue. One of my favorite aspects of these inserts is the Notes space at the bottom. Here, record notes such organizational and cleaning supplies that need to be purchased, chores that might need to be moved to the following week, or ideas for tackling cleaning tasks the next time around.

Half Page Cleaning Inventory Inserts

Pair the Cleaning Inserts with our Cleaning Inventory Half Page Inserts to maximize your organization and cleaning efficiency. Keep track of your current cleaning supplies under the Supply List, along with reminders about each product, and note what needs to be repurchased. You’ll most likely want to use your favorite cleaning supplies -- so list those first! Use the Tips and Tricks and DIY Recipes sections under the Cleaning Hacks portion of the inserts to note your personal cleaning secrets. I’m forgetful, so I use this portion to write down reminders about which products should not be used together, or which ones are a perfect combination. Set a timer, turn on some music, and get productive with our Cleaning Inserts!

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April 07, 2021

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