The September 2023 Planning + Stationery Box with the theme "Planning Principles", features products curated to create a flawless planning foundation, with items such as the Priority Matrix Insert and Task Notes A5 Notebook in Silver - along with a matching Cloth & PaperClip.

September unboxing


Longevity & Refinement Dashboard
Clear, crisp and elegant, this paper dashboard is a love letter to paper lovers like you. With subtle photography and sophisticated script, the dashboard says to us: Cheers To Longevity and Refinement! Since it’s ultra-minimalist, this dashboard is easy to layer with other items, use as a divider, and as decor.

Priority Matrix Insert
Take it back to planning basics by implementing the priority method with this specialized insert. Weighing between important and unimportant, urgent and not urgent, you’ll begin building a task list that ensures you are devoting time to only the most important items. Then, watch your schedule fall into place by transferring over each quadrant to the action lists.

With the Priority Matrix, we’ve developed a streamlined prioritization method so that your task list makes sense for your schedule. Pair with the Scenario Planning Insert to envision a clear path to success. Simply create a goal, and then these inserts helps you create an action plan to reach it.

Scenario Planning Insert
Dreams without goals are just dreams. So bring your dreams to life with these inserts! Keep a running “check in” with yourself by establishing where exactly you want to be in life, and then create an action plan to reach it. By envisioning a clear path to success, your dreams are both stabilized and accessible!

Task Notes A5 Notebook | Silver
Not much says luxury more than a sleek, reflective silver. Live your most luxurious life with this A5 notebook, which includes a Task Notes interior that is exclusive to this box. And yes, you absolutely can fit it into your own A5 leather folio cover! With a simplistic interior, you can transform your planning routine into anything you envision.

Cloth & PaperClip | Silver
Grow your Cloth & PaperClip collection with this silver star! Matching the Task Notes A5 Notebook, this clip shines as bright as your future. Use it within your planner, to hold loose sheets, as a pen-loop, money-clip, or as dazzling desk decor. 

Time Block Sticker Set Vol. 5
Speaking of growing collections, we’re debuting the fifth volume of Time Block Stickers in this month’s box. Colors include our classic deep and bold Avant Garde as well as three new colors: Chrome, Platinum, and Frosted – perfect for visually blocking time within your schedule.

SWOT Analysis Sticker Set
Weigh your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats – S.W.O.T. These convenient stickers pair beautifully with the inserts included in this box. By using all of these items together, you have the tools to plan, affirm, and reach your goals. Colors include Matcha, Ristretto, Au Lait, and Verona.

Journaling Cards
Beginning Now Journaling Card
Fear Journaling Card
November 2023 Pop Up Calendar

Silver Task A5 Notebook
Silver Cloth and PaperClip
SWOT Stickers
September Unboxing Inserts
September Journaling Card


Kokuyo Campus Rollerball Gel Pen
0.5mm. Blue ink. Needle tip nib. Postable with clip.

STA Fineliner Pen
0.2mm. Black ink. Needle tip nib. Postable with clip.

Zebra Blen Ballpoint Gel Pen
0.5mm. Black ink. Conical nib. Click mechanism with clip.

Inmorning Transparent Mechanical Pencil
0.7mm. Lead. Click mechanism with clip.

Ohaya Pocket Highlighter | Wheat, Pale Green, Seafoam, Spring Green
4mm. Chisel nib. Postable with clip. Subscribers will receive one of four ink colors.


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August 27, 2023


Shannon said:

I look forward to this box every month, and each month, that box is “the best”. Then the next month’s box comes and guess what…it is “the best”.

Just when I think Cloth & Paper can’t outdo themselves, they do!

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