With the theme "Healthy Habit Planning", this month's box features items curated to cultivate mental and physical wellbeing, including items such as the Wellness Log Insert and Healthy Planning Stickers.

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The August 2023 Planning + Stationery Box Includes:

Well-Being DashboardWe’re so excited to introduce a vellum dashboard focused on well-being! This dashboard includes subheaders to section off your planner for nutrition, movement, and alignment. Layer this dashboard over another, such as the ultra-minimal Marble or Don't Settle planner dashboards, to customize your very own organizational hub.

Wellness Log InsertTrack every step of your wellness with these detailed inserts! Featuring 11 wellness related habits to be tracked, including meal-planning and exercise, we provide space to plan every day of the week. Perfect for digging into your day-to-day wellness! With the weekly overview provided, track important health-related details about yourself - such sleep time, energy levels, nutrition, and movement.

Activity Tracking InsertKeep an entire snapshot of your habit planning on one page! Includes headers: activity tracker, priorities, and action plan along with a weekly table. The back of each page also includes a notes section, making these completely customizable! Track any and all goals, workout plans, personal projects, or any other activity that requires detailed tracking. Use with your Healthy Planning Stickers for maximum cohesiveness! For more usage tips, check out our Activity Tracker Deep Dive video.

Healthy Planning StickersFeaturing minimalist transparent stickers to track both your physical wellness and meal planning. You will receive these stickers in colors Ash and Angora. Use these in conjunction with your Activity Tracking Insert, Wellness Log Insert, and 2024 Dated Inserts!
4 sheets. 66 stickers total.

100 Days Tracker Sticky NoteThis is a sticky note that you’ll probably use forever! Start by picking a focus, then as you achieve your daily goals, add notes. Note that C&P Mini Dot Stickers and Minimal Shape Stickers in Small fit perfectly within each box! Use these sticky notes to visually remind yourself of important tasks like medication schedules, email responses, and pet care. Keep this tracker on your desk or as inspiration within your workspace.
4 x 6 in. Fits CP Petite. 50 sheets.
Recipe Card SetEncased in a luxurious acrylic recipe box, these recipe cards are designed for all of your cooking needs. List ingredients, preparation detail, and even add a photo of the finished dish to the backside of each card. Preserve family recipes, keep track of your favorite personal recipes, and use to meal plan each week. Example: write down common pantry meals. When you can't decide on a meal, randomly choose a card from your set!

This set includes three frosted plastic dividers for organization, along with label stickers and a measurement conversion card. Best of all – the set does not need to be exclusively used for cooking! Add any labels you need to the dividers to store planning supplies within the acrylic container. Bon Appétit – or should we say: Bonne Planification! 
15 recipe cards. Three frosted plastic dividers. Set of label stickers. Measurement conversion slip card.

Uni One F Pens Enjoy two new barrel colors of our tried and true Uni One F Series pens in Olive (0.5mm) and Saxe Blue (0.38mm), including a refill for each.

Journaling Cards
“What Keeps You Going” Journaling Card
5.25 x 3
“Bien-Être” Embossed Journaling Card
October 2023 Pop Up Calendar

Activity Tracker Planner Inserts
100 Day Sticky NotesHealthy Planning Stickers
Recipe Card Set
Recipe Card

As a subscriber of this month’s Planning + Stationery box, you’ll have access to exclusive C&P products! Scan the QR code that’s included in your What's Inside Card along with the provided password to access our private collection. This will unlock once all boxes have shipped. See you there!

The August 2023 Penspiration Box Includes:

Micron Graphic Needle Pen | Dark Blue
0.5mm. Needle tip nib. Postable with clip.

Baoke Classic Mechanical Pencil
Russet barrel with silver accents. Graphite. Click mechanism with clip.

Khinsun Retractable Mechanical Eraser
Beige barrel with grey accents. Click mechanism with clip.

Uni Ball F Series | Dark Grey
0.5 mm. Black ink. Conical nib. Retractable with clip. Includes a refill.

Uni Ball F Series | Cherry
0.38 mm. Black ink. Conical nib. Retractable with clip. Includes a refill.

This month's pens arrive perfectly in time for our 2024 Dated Planner Insert launch! Use the mechanical pencil and eraser to plan ideas within your new layouts, then use the pens to solidify them! The graphic needle pen's nib is ideal for those who prefer to create their own layouts or boxes/lines within their planner. Pair with a Glass Plastic Page Marker for precision!

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August 16, 2023

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