We love the magnetic Cloth & PaperClips, currently available in Quartz and Leché! Did you know there are more ways to use them than just holding paper? Here are 5 ways that you can use your own Cloth & PaperClip!

1. Journaling Cards + Accessories

Keep your journaling cards in-place within your planner pockets with any of our clips! This offers endless possibilities in decorating your planner.

Leche Clip with Journaling Cards

2. Organize Important Documents in Desk Space

Conveniently clip all of your important documents together – keep them organized to elevate your work space and maximize your productivity.

Clip with Documents

3. Layering

While layering your dashboards, add a clip to hold them together and add yet another detail of planner décor.

Layering Example

Layering Example 2

4. Bookmarking

Our clips are perfect as bookmarks while reading! Clip the Read Sticky Notes from the Subscriber Exclusive Collection whenever you mark your place to stay engaged with your reading.

Bookmark example

5. Money Clip

Hold all of your loose cash together with a clip. Add the Cash System Cards from our Subscriber Exclusive Collection to stay on top of your finances!

Money clip example

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September 21, 2022

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