Disc planners provide flexibility, mobility, and limitless customization options! With so many size options and décor available, it can be overwhelming. That’s why Cloth & Paper has dedicated this week’s blog to discussing how you can start disc planning!

disc planner


Choosing a Planner

First, you will need to determine the material type, material color, disc type, and disc color you’re looking for in a discbound planner. You’ll be able to create a disc planner without a cover or you can choose between a clear vinyl or leather cover! Our leather options are available with a variety of colors and materials. Check the Leather Planning Guide to peruse our many options. We offer discbound planners in CP Petite, HP Mini, Half Letter, HP Classic, and disc-punched inserts that fit each! Our Clear Vinyl Planners are now available for HP Mini, Half Letter, and HP Classic as well!

CP Petite Folio

Organization + Support

To create your discbound planner, you’ll first need two notebook covers and a set of discs to “build” the planner. From our Discbound Planning Page, you will be able to find suitable Notebook Covers, Discs, or even an all-in-one Bundle to start! The covers provide stability and serve as a base for your planner, while the discs hold the planner together. It is helpful to also add dividers for organization and additional support for your planner.

Discbound Planner


Adding Inserts

While you can add all types of inserts to your disc planner, there are some in particular that are best to start with! We recommend the Notes + Lists inserts; particularly the Task Planner Inserts and Graph Note Planner Inserts. Next, you’ll need a calendar! You’ll need either Dated or Undated Inserts, which are available for monthly, weekly, and daily planning. If you like to dig into the nitty-gritty of your day, daily inserts are for you. Otherwise, an everyday planner is likely to reach for the monthly or weekly inserts. For insert-specific insight, read our Planning Blog posts where we dive into utilizing our various inserts to maximize your planning productivity and enjoyment.

 Dated Insert


Relaxing the Leather

For those that choose Leather Covers for their disc planners: when you first receive your leather planner, it’s likely that it will not lay completely flat. This is normal! It will soften and relax over time—being genuine leather, the spine will just need to be worked a bit. Check the blog 3 Tips for Maintaining Your Leather Planner for information on relaxing your ring-bound planner!

 Leather Planners


Using Holders and Accessories

While exploring our discbound options, you may notice that we have an abundance of planning accessories, such as card holders available! Add Credit Card Holders in HP Mini or Half Letter as storage for the rest of your planning accessories such as Mini Icon Stickers, Mini Shape Stickers, and Page FlagsNeed to mark your place, measure, and guide your lines? Our Glass Plastic Page Marker does all three! This marker is also ideal for creating bullet journal spreads, as you may easily measure and outline spreads using its straight, crisp edges to guide your pen.

 Planner Accessories

Disc Planner




We hope these tips help you start your discbound planning journey! If you need additional help setting up your planner or organizing it to fit your lifestyle, don’t hesitate to book with one of our expert Planner Consultants today! 

April 08, 2023

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