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The Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen's ease of use makes it a great fountain pen for beginners. The cap is designed to prevent the ink from drying out for a year or more without use - perfect for anyone who doesn't want to commit to regularly using a fountain pen.

Pen Features:

  • 03 fine steel nib
  • Iron gall ink
  • Acidic
  • Comes with 1 black ink cartridge
  • Clear body and cap display the ink color
  • Find refills in blue black ink here

This item has a purchase limit of 3 per order. Listing is for Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen; other pictured items not included.

Earn   9   Luxe Bux or more with Rewards
Ink Colors Available


Body Colors Available


An image representing an example of spoilers of some Penspiration items that could be included when upgrading to the Penspiration and Planning + Stationery Box.  There are 5 different pens or highlighters sitting next to a Penspiration Card and another Prompt Card.

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